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Delivering net zero in the North East with green hydrogen for a greener, cleaner and more prosperous region.

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Lhyfe Wallsend Project Map


Wallsend, United Kingdom

Starting date

Subject to planning permission

Production capacity

Up to 8 tonnes/day


Industry & transport

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About Lhyfe Wallsend

Lhyfe Wallsend aims to supply green hydrogen to power industry and transport partners in the North East. Using renewable electricity, we split water into hydrogen and oxygen, creating a clean, carbon-free fuel. Green hydrogen reduces reliance on fossil fuels like diesel and natural gas in everyday life.

Our green hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis in units powered by renewable energy, then transported to nearby customers. It’s a proven technology, safely supplying local businesses, helping them eliminate carbon emissions. With a track record of groundbreaking projects in Europe, we’ve demonstrated the pivotal role of green hydrogen in building a sustainable future.

Wallsend is an ideal location, with industrial sites ready to switch seamlessly to green hydrogen. This versatile fuel can be used in different industries such as glass, chemicals, cement, steelmaking, and large vehicles like buses and trucks. Our ambition is to become a major regional supplier, so organisations can complete their journey to net zero.

The green hydrogen produced at our proposed 20MW plant near Neptune Energy Park could make a significant impact by reducing thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions. This supports the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and North Tyneside Council’s earlier target of 2030. Beyond the environmental benefits, Lhyfe Wallsend would boost local job opportunities and encourage economic growth.

Lhyfe is in the process of preparing a planning application to submit to North Tyneside Council and would welcome your thoughts.


We would greatly appreciate your feedback on Lhyfe Wallsend. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

Production site details


Neptune Road, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE28 6DG


4 acre (2 hectare)


20 MW

On-site facilities:

  • Main building for plant equipment, water treatment, and hydrogen purification
  • Control room
  • Cooling systems
  • Hydrogen storage with compressors
  • New substation
  • Parking for staff and visitors
Lhyfe green hydrogen production unit in Bouin, Vendée France

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Press release

Lhyfe launches its first UK project with plans for 20MW green hydrogen plant

Global green and renewable hydrogen pioneer Lhyfe has today unveiled plans for its first UK plant to support the country’s net zero ambitions.

Newcastel, UK on the map


Green hydrogen revolution - transforming businesses and communities in the North East

With the climate emergency at our doorstep and high energy bills squeezing households and businesses, the need to end our reliance on fossil fuels has never been more urgent.

Press release

Lhyfe establishes Sheffield base in UK expansion

Global green hydrogen pioneer Lhyfe has expanded its UK operation to South Yorkshire with the aim of accelerating the roll-out of the environmentally friendly gas across the region.

About our project partner

About our project partner

Shepherd Offshore is one of the UK’s leading service providers, developing and operating facilities while supporting world-class manufacturing within the North East of England, based on the North Bank of the River Tyne.

Charles Shepherd, Managing Director at Shepherd Offshore, said: “Shepherd Offshore is fully committed to yet another critical milestone in the growing strength and evolution of the River Tyne and looks forward to welcoming Lhyfe to the North Bank of the Tyne.”

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Lhyfe wants to offer a more breathable world to our children and join you in a new energy paradigm.

Our purpose

Lhyfe wants to offer a more breathable world to our children and join you in a new energy paradigm.

Learn more about green hydrogen

What is green hydrogen and how does it work? How is green hydrogen produced? We answer all.

We’d love to discuss our work with you

We’d love to discuss our work with you

Whether you have questions, want to explore the project, or are aiming to complete your journey to net zero, please contact our Newcastle-based UK experts.

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