Published on 21/09/2021

The latest IPPC report, published in August 2021, added to the long list of warnings made by expert climate scientists. It made the alarming conclusion that we can no longer avoid – the economic and energy model of humans today is unsustainable. We absolutely must find alternative solutions to remedy the situation. Now.

At Lhyfe, we believe that everyone must do their bit

We don’t blame the old system since every era has its own economic and social constraints and its own technological limitations. However, today, solutions to decarbonize our industries do exist. And these require courage, commitment and choices which sometimes come with constraints. At Lhyfe, we are fighting to make renewable hydrogen the obvious choice, with the least constraints possible, for our clients. So that industrial manufacturers can stop emitting tonnes and tonnes of CO2 while continuing to operate and employ people, Lhyfe supplies renewable hydrogen instead of the carbon-derived kind. So that towns and cities can run zero-emission buses, Lhyfe supplies renewable hydrogen to replace natural gas.

We favour a local approach and work hand in hand with local partners on solutions

In the energy model that we favour, the energy is produced and used locally. This way, we make sure that it is really produced from a renewable source, rather than buying green electricity (using a system of guarantees of origin), which in reality is imported from abroad. We also ensure that transport is kept to a minimum, by delivering our hydrogen gas to a point of use near our production site. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with local economic and political partners to develop regional employment and expertise in this technology of the future.

European legislation is in our favour and funding is available to facilitate this transition, but ultimately it is those responsible for polluting activities who, by showing responsibility and commitment, will make the difference by choosing to switch to a carbon-free approach. At Lhyfe, it is our duty to assist them in this transition to renewable hydrogen.

For us, no future is not an option. Our battle for the future is on.

By producing and supplying clean energy, we provide a sustainable solution for all those sectors whose continuation is crucial, like public transport, refuse collection and heavy industries that provide us with essential materials for construction and so on. For these players that pollute a great deal today, there is another way. It requires commitment from them, to select and implement options that will reduce their carbon footprint.

Being a truly clean hydrogen producer takes commitment from us too. We don’t just produce green hydrogen but go further by connecting directly to renewable energy sources. The clean hydrogen produced using this method, for which there is not yet an official name, is what we call “ecological hydrogen”.

But that’s not all – in producing our hydrogen, we generate oxygen. And we have decided to give this back to the planet and to the environments most depleted of oxygen due to greenhouse gases and global warming. In fact, we have already begun testing how, tomorrow, when we will have production facilities offshore, this oxygen can be used to enrich the oceans that so direly need it.