Operations Based at Bouin, France

What do you do at Lhyfe?

I’m involved in supervising the industrial site of Bouin which is our first production plant.I was involved in commissioning, i.e. carrying out tests on the various elements of the plant during its launch and establishing operating and production reliability procedures. I am also implementing the maintenance plan for the plant and its different equipment. Once production started, I was in charge of monitoring the quality of the hydrogen produced and made sure that the quantities were sufficient to deliver to our customers. Soon, I will take part in the ramping up of our modular factory, and then the application of security measures throughout the site which is key in our production process!

Three things you really like at Lhyfe

  • The good atmosphere
  • Our real commitment to renewable energy
  • The production site is in my home town, Bouin!

The ONE main reason you chose to join Lhyfe

The main reason was my desire to participate in producing REAL renewable and local energy

Your favorite Lhyfe quote?
Lhyfe is life!