Engineering Based at Nantes, France

What do you do at Lhyfe?

I’m in charge of Offshore projects. In concrete terms, I’m involved in all stages of the construction of an offshore plant, from the pre-project phase, with the sales team, to the commissioning phase and the delivery of hydrogen to our customers. Currently, I’m working on the world’s first offshore electrolyser, off the coast of Le Croisic, which will be operational by the end of the year. It is currently in the construction phase where we are assembling the equipment and building the platform that will support the plant at sea, near the wind turbine that will supply us with power.

Three things you really like at Lhyfe

  • The company dynamics
  • The dream that drives us all – we all left our comfortable jobs to embark on this adventure that
    means so much to us
  • The possibility to make a change – the world around us is gradually understanding that we cannot
    continue like this, we need new rules, new laws, …

The ONE main reason you chose to join Lhyfe

I wanted to use my brain capacity for a mission that makes sense for everyone’s future

Your favorite Lhyfe quote?
Change things now, not tomorrow