The remarkable journey of Lhyfe, with its pioneering achievements and ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lhyfe


Birth of the project

After becoming a father, Matthieu Guesné decided to take action to ensure a better future for his children and the next generations. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the planet’s future, he founded Lhyfe, the project aimed at ensuring a better tomorrow thanks to green and renewable hydrogen.


The official launch of Lhyfe

Lhyfe unveils its unique green hydrogen production solution, raises €8 million in funds from five different public and private investors and sets up its first industrial site in the first half of this year near Bouin wind farm, Vendée.

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The team of Lhyfe, green and renewable hydrogen producer and supplier
Opening of the first production site of Lhyfe, Bouin


Inauguration of the first production site

In Bouin (Vendée, France), the first hundreds of kilos of renewable hydrogen are produced, using an electrolyser powered by wind turbines a few hundred meters away! This industrial production facility is a unique technical achievement and the first of its kind in the world.

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Lhyfe goes public!

Lhyfe is launching its initial public offering (IPO) on the regulated Euronext market in Paris to become a leading European green hydrogen producer, raising €118 million in capital.

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Lhyfe goes public, IPO Paris
Opening of World's first offshore renewable hydrogen production pilot site SeaLhyfe


First hydrogen production at sea

A global challenge to be tackled! SeaLhyfe, the world’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production pilot site, is inaugurated in Saint-Nazaire (France). Lhyfe will produce the first kilograms of renewable green hydrogen at quay and then at sea, operating automatically, in the most extreme conditions.

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Inauguration of the second production site

Lhyfe starts construction of its second green hydrogen production plant, in Brittany (France). Lhyfe Bretagne will have the capacity to produce up to 2 tonnes of green and renewable hydrogen per day for mainly local uses.

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Lhyfe continues to deploy its green and renewable hydrogen: its second production site will be in Brittany