responsabilité d'entreprise / corporate responsibility

Since its creation, Lhyfe has been committed to promoting an ethical dimension anchored in its DNA, whether towards all its stakeholders, its employees, the environment or governance.


The Company’s commitment to an ESG approach is reflected in its obtaining in May 2024 an extra-financial rating by Ethifinance of 75/100 (vs. 57/100 for the panel), up from the 67/100 score obtained one year ago, ranking Lhyfe 8th amid 69 companies within the Utilities sector. Lhyfe was awarded the Gold Level for its CSR performance in 2022.

In addition, the Group asked EthiFinance, on a voluntary basis, to assess its activities in relation to the European taxonomy, which set out screening criteria for economic activities that contribute “substantially” to “climate change mitigation and adaptation”. EthiFinance therefore assessed the eligibility and the alignment of the Group’s revenue with the European Taxonomy: 100% of the Group’s revenue for financial year 2023 was eligible to the European Taxonomy and that 61% of this revenue was aligned.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee

The tasks of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee are as follows:

  • examining the strategy, ambitions, policies and commitments in the area of social and environmental responsibility, including the environment and sustainable development, ethics and compliance, human rights, hygiene, health and safety of individuals and formulating recommendations in this regard;
  • monitoring the Group’s actions in the area of social and environmental responsibility and their implementation;
  • examining the environmental and social risks in conjunction with the Audit Committee, and the impact of environmental and social issues on investment, performance and image; and
  • conducting an annual review of a summary of the non-financial ratings executed by the Group.

The Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee consists of:


Alena Fargere

Independent Director and Chairwoman to the Committee

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Maria Pardo Saleme


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