At Lhyfe, we are committed to building a better future for generations to come by producing green hydrogen. However, our commitment goes beyond that. It’s reflected in our day-to-day business and work processes.



  • We conduct carbon footprint assessments to measure our environmental impact.
  • Life cycle assessments of our production sites are performed to evaluate sustainability.
  • No waste is generated during production, only water and oxygen.
  • We deliver green H₂ using low-carbon emission trucks.
  • Our production sites are eco-designed, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Preference is given to local service providers and equipment manufacturers to support the community.


  • We prioritize gender equality and celebrate diversity in our organization.
  • As a Women in Green Hydrogen network member, we actively promote women’s involvement in the industry.
  • We provide a comprehensive support program for pregnant women, before and after maternity leave.
  • Employees with one year’s seniority are eligible for full salary continuation during paternity leave, demonstrating our commitment to supporting work-life balance.
  • As a proud partner of Eau Z’Enfants, we actively contribute to building a school in Kinssy Diabere (Guinea), empowering children through education and community support.


  • Our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee actively oversees sustainable practices and initiatives.
  • We embrace a decentralized and transversal organizational structure, encouraging collaboration across departments.
  • Our project management framework, known as project mode, empowers teams with clear guidelines and effective tools, fostering responsibility and driving successful outcomes.