Renewable hydrogen offers substantial benefits for industrial decarbonization by providing a clean and sustainable energy source that reduces carbon emissions, combats climate change, and enables industries to contribute to a greener future.

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The industrial uses of hydrogen

The use of green hydrogen is a way to decarbonise the industrial sector.


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Bulk delivery

Bulk delivery

We deliver high-capacity hydrogen containers of up to 1 ton to your site, providing maximum convenience.

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Pipeline & on-site supply

Pipeline & on-site supply

For hydrogen demands exceeding 2 tons per day, we provide on-site production and direct pipeline supply.

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steel industry


Published the 27/07/2022

Industry decarbonization: the importance of renewable hydrogen

Although there has been much talk recently about hydrogen vehicles – as they offer a real solution for carbon-free mobility – hydrogen has nonetheless been used in industry for decades, such as to fuel furnaces, in chemical processes and refining, and even to launch rockets into space.

Press release

Lhyfe and Schaeffler enter cooperation agreement to build industrial green hydrogen plant in Germany

The plan is to build and operate an electrolysis plant on Schaeffler’s factory premises in Herzogenaurach, Franconia with a capacity of up to 15 megawatts.

Greenlab, Lhyfe Onsite project


Renewable hydrogen in an industrial ecosystem

GreenLab is a 600,000 sqm green industrial energy park in Denmark. Its ecosystem, powered exclusively by renewable energy, seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges in the green energy transition.

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