assemblées générales

Combined general meeting on Tuesday, 23 May 2023

How to take part in and vote at the General Meeting

All shareholders may participate in the General Meeting, regardless of the number of shares they own. The right of shareholders to participate in the meeting is subject to their shares being registered on the third business day preceding the date of the meeting, at the latest.

To attend Lhyfe's general meetings, and vote for or against the presented resolutions, you have 3 options:

  1. Attend the Meeting in person: you have to get your admission card
    If you are a registered shareholder: you will receive a convocation from the financial service provider in charge of the General Meeting (Uptevia), by post, or in electronic form if you opted for this type of communication, at least 15 days before the General Meeting. You can then send them your request for an admission card.

    If you are a holder of bearer shares: you must check the date of the General Meeting on our website. Ask the authorized intermediary who manages your securities account to send you an admission card. Upon receipt, your financial institution will issue a certificate of participation, attached to your request for an admission card. Both documents will be sent to Uptevia.
  2. Vote by mail:
    Voting by mail is done via a specific form that will be sent to registered shareholders by Uptevia. Holders of bearer shares may obtain this form by requesting it from the financial intermediary holding their securities account.

    The paper form must be returned to Uptevia at least 3 days before the General Meeting, the electronic form at the latest at 3 pm the day before the General Meeting.
  3. Vote by proxy:
    You can give a proxy to the natural or legal person of your choice to represent you at the General Meeting. You can also give a blank proxy, by not giving the name of the representative. In this case, the vote is held by the chairman of the meeting.

    Registered shareholders receive the proxy voting form from Uptevia. Bearer shareholders must request the proxy voting form from the financial intermediary holding their securities account. It should be noted that the same multi-entry document is used to request an admission card, to vote by mail and by proxy.