The chemical industry can benefit greatly from renewable hydrogen, which has many potential applications. It can be used as a sustainable feedstock to create a range of chemicals, such as ammonia, methanol, and other important compounds.

By incorporating renewable hydrogen in the production processes, the industry can reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

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Hydrogen applications in the chemical industry

Hydrogen is used as feedstock in chemical reactions

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Published the 27/07/2022

Industry decarbonisation: the importance of renewable hydrogen

Although there has been much talk recently about hydrogen vehicles – as they offer a real solution for carbon-free mobility – hydrogen has nonetheless been used in industry for decades, such as to fuel furnaces, in chemical processes and refining, and even to launch rockets into space.

Greenlab, Lhyfe Onsite project


Renewable hydrogen in an industrial ecosystem

GreenLab is a 600,000 sqm green industrial energy park in Denmark. Its ecosystem, powered exclusively by renewable energy, seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges in the green energy transition.


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