The use of renewable hydrogen has numerous benefits and applications in the metallurgy industry. Hydrogen serves as a reducing agent in iron and steel production, enabling the production of high-quality metals while reducing the carbon footprint.

Hydrogen can enhance material properties through metal annealing processes, improving strength, ductility, and formability. In metal heat treatment, hydrogen acts as a reductive atmosphere, preventing oxidation and contamination for superior surface quality.

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Hydrogen applications in the metallurgy industry

Hydrogen serves as a heat source for industrial operations

Hydrogen plays a role within manufacturing processes

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Published the 27/07/2022

Industry decarbonization: the importance of renewable hydrogen

Although there has been much talk recently about hydrogen vehicles – as they offer a real solution for carbon-free mobility – hydrogen has nonetheless been used in industry for decades, such as to fuel furnaces, in chemical processes and refining, and even to launch rockets into space.

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Lhyfe and Exogen partner to scale up green hydrogen production for industrial steam, mobility, and district heating applications

Lhyfe to build and operate green hydrogen production facilities for the combined product offering, opening large new markets for growth in industrial steam and district heating.


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