Published the 10/10/2022

A strategic partnership for GAUSSIN and Lhyfe

According to the terms of the MoU signed by GAUSSIN and Lhyfe, the two operators will study the possibility of developing a comprehensive renewable mobility solution combining the hydrogen vehicles of GAUSSIN and the green and renewable hydrogen produced by Lhyfe.


The partnership also includes a commercial component aimed at identifying potential customers, in France and abroad, likely to be interested in such an all-round renewable mobility solution for logistics, port and airport sites.


Christophe Dubruque (Lhyfe, left) and Jean-Claude Bailly (GAUSSIN, right) at the IAA Transportation 2022 show in Hanover (Germany)


Promising synergies

Lhyfe produces green and renewable hydrogen from water and renewable energy (by electrolysis of water). The company, which inaugurated its first production site in 2021, already has a sales pipeline representing a total installed production capacity of 9.8 GW by 2030 (figure as of mid-September 2022). It seeks to develop and operate green and renewable hydrogen production sites across Europe to decarbonise transport and industry.


Lhyfe’s business is thus complementary to that of GAUSSIN, which designs heavy handling vehicles running on hydrogen. Aware of the possible synergies between their areas of business, Lhyfe and GAUSSIN wish to offer a global green hydrogen mobility solution for the transport and logistics ecosystem.

The ATM®-H2 (left) and the APM®-H2 (right), two emblematic GAUSSIN hydrogen vehicles


Renewable green hydrogen is now an extremely relevant solution for the logistics sector, from all points of view – ecologically, practically and economically”, declares Christophe Dubruque, Mobility Development Director at Lhyfe. “This memorandum of understanding with GAUSSIN will allow us to approach the very specific sector of logistics, port and airport sites with a perfectly adapted turnkey solution.”


“GAUSSIN has a full range of hydrogen-powered vehicles, and we want to accelerate the implementation of these mobility solutions by facilitating, via Lhyfe, the distribution of green hydrogen. Through our partnership, we can combine hydrogen vehicles and the distribution of renewable hydrogen through a global green mobility offer that may extend to Transport as a Service. This agreement completes an already rich year for GAUSSIN in the field of hydrogen, marked in particular by the success of our H2 Racing Truck in the Dakar Rally and its world tour, the “Hydrogen personality of the year” award which was presented to me at the National Assembly and the launch of the Automated Guided Vehicle AGV® H2. With Lhyfe, we share the ambition of ramping-up the hydrogen sector and I am confident about the continuing negotiations,” said Christophe GAUSSIN, CEO of GAUSSIN.


About Lhyfe

Created in Nantes in 2017, Lhyfe produces and supplies green hydrogen for mobility and industry. Its production plants and commercial pipeline are designed to provide green hydrogen in industrial quantities and form part of a virtuous energy model benefitting the environment. The company is a member of France Hydrogène and of Hydrogen Europe.

Lhyfe inaugurated its first green hydrogen industrial production site in the second half of 2021. The company currently has a commercial pipeline representing a total production capacity of 9.8 GW by 2030. An offshore research program initiated in 2019 should also lead to the start of a test phase in real conditions for the world’s first floating electrolyser linked to a floating wind farm planned for September 2022.

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GAUSSIN is an engineering company that designs, assembles and markets innovative products and services in the field of transport and logistics. Its know-how encompasses goods and passenger transport, autonomous technologies enabling driverless use of the Automotive Guided Vehicle type, and the integration of all types of batteries, such as electric and hydrogen. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, GAUSSIN benefits from a strong reputation in four rapidly expanding markets: port and airport terminals, logistics and people mobility. The group has established strategic partnerships with major global players in order to accelerate its market penetration, including Siemens Logistics in the airport sector, Bolloré Ports and ST Engineering in the port sector, UPS in the logistics sector and Bluebus in the passenger transport sector. GAUSSIN has expanded its business model with the signing of licensing agreements accelerating the dissemination of its technology around the world. The acquisition of Metalliance confirms the emergence of an international group operating in all segments of the smart and clean vehicle market.

In October 2021, GAUSSIN was named winner of the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport.

In January 2022, GAUSSIN successfully completed the 2022 Dakar Rally with its H2 Racing Truck®, the first hydrogen vehicle to participate in the race and generate zero CO2 emissions.

In March 2022, Christophe GAUSSIN was named “Hydrogen Personality of the Year” during a ceremony at the National Assembly as part of the Hydrogénies – Hydrogen Trophies.

GAUSSIN has been listed on Euronext Growth in Paris since 2010 (EURONEXT GROWTH – FR0013495298).

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