Published on 28/09/2020

Lancement Lhyfe Allemagne

Nantes, 28 September 2020. During the laying of the foundation stone of its first production site and R&D centre, Lhyfe, the producer and supplier of green renewable hydrogen and European pioneer of a clean ecological production system that connects directly to renewable energy sources, announced its international roll-out and latest steps forward.

Lhyfe launches a German entity and goes international

For the launch of its first entity abroad, Lhyfe has chosen Germany. With its nine-billion-euro plan, France’s neighbour is a key European partner for the hydrogen market. To develop its clean hydrogen in Germany, Lhyfe will enjoy the highly skilled expertise of Luc Grare, the former Sales & Marketing Vice-President of NEL, the world leader for the production of electrolysers. This first subsidiary marks the start of a series of roll-outs in Europe. By the end of the year, Lhyfe will have representatives in Spain, Italy, Portugal and northern Europe.

Lhyfe is an innovation within innovation. They are among the few players capable of rapidly making things happen for green hydrogen. I am delighted to have joined the team to put Lhyfe at the heart of the most ambitious projects in Germany.

Luc Grare, ex-Sales & Marketing Vice-President of NEL


Lhyfe one of five successful candidates of the Sea-GRID call for expression of interest for the production of offshore energy

Lhyfe was chosen as one of five successful candidates for its project for the production of clean hydrogen at sea, under the Sea-GRID call launched by the Centrale Nantes engineering school, RTE and Enedis, with the support of the regional competitiveness agency Solutions&Co. Lhyfe will benefit from the technological excellence of Centrale Nantes, Enedis and RTE for the feasibility study, deploy a demonstrator on the SEM-REV site and enjoy the support of the Sea-GRID partners for the development of its project. Lhyfe’s research on offshore clean hydrogen production will be carried out in its R&D Centre, whose foundation stone was laid on 26 September in Bouin. Lhyfe’s goal is to have an offshore demonstrator ready in under two years.

In six months, Lhyfe has gone from 10 to 40 projects of increasing size

While last year Lhyfe was working on projects for an average of 300 kilos of hydrogen a day, it is now working on larger projects aimed at producing at least one tonne a day. In six months, the company has gone from ten to 40 projects, many of which are located abroad, such as in Germany and northern Europe, foreshadowing its roll-out in six European countries.
Titre H2: Staff to double within a year
In January 2020, Lhyfe had 13 staff. At the end of the year, it will have 30, and this growth curve will continue in 2021. The company is recruiting to support its international, technical and commercial development.


A year after our launch, we are proud of how far we have come: we’ve been very well received in France and abroad for our clean hydrogen, more and more areas want to rapidly deploy production sites locally in the way that we offer, our team and projects are growing, our first site for the production of green and renewable hydrogen in industrial quantities will be launched in just a few months… in parallel, the hydrogen plan announced by the government will continue to develop the hydrogen option further and democratize the market – this is excellent news to help our partners address society’s energy transition issues by switching to hydrogen as quickly as possible.

Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder, Lhyfe