Published the 21/09/2021

Lhyfe, headed by its founder Matthieu Guesné, and Territoire d’Energie Mayenne, presided over by Richard Chamaret, made their partnership official on Friday 2 April 2021 in Changé.

Lhyfe, a company created in 2017 in Pays de la Loire, produces and supplies green hydrogen (with zero CO2 emissions across the entire value chain) to local authorities and industry, by connecting directly to all kinds of renewable energy sources, like wind power, photovoltaic energy, hydraulic power, solid biomass energy, biogas, geothermal energy, and more.

Territoire d’Energie Mayenne (the public energy network provider for the Mayenne area) wants to ensure a virtuous energy model for the Mayenne department by developing new projects to produce and promote the use of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

Territoire d’Energie Mayenne has chosen Lhyfe as its partner to assist hydrogen trials and deployment in Mayenne, with a view to producing and supplying green hydrogen in the area for local transportation and industry.

Lhyfe will provide its know-how and technology to produce hydrogen that is locally-made and truly clean, integrating the renewable energy sources available in the area.

The officialization of the partnership between Territoire d’Energie Mayenne and Lhyfe will make it possible to move forward quickly and effectively with the trials and deployment of green hydrogen in the Mayenne department.

Lhyfe: directly connected to renewable energy sources for the production of green hydrogen

Lhyfe produces green hydrogen from renewable energy, using the electrolysis of water. It is the only operator in the world to connect itself directly to locally available renewable energy sources (wind power, photovoltaic power, biomass energy, etc.), in order to mass-produce clean hydrogen – 95% of hydrogen produced today relies on the use of fossil fuels that generate high CO2 emissions, e.g. natural gas, oil, etc.
Lhyfe’s efficient and competitive turnkey industrial production solution allows it to supply the area surrounding its sites and thus create revenue and energy independence for the local area – which is a change from the existing model. Lhyfe works with local authorities that are committed to the energy transition and want greener transportation, as well as with transport companies, logistics providers and industrial companies that want to decarbonize their operations.

Territoire d’Energie Mayenne: from local energy network operator to active player in energy transition

As the owner of 15,000 kilometres of the public electricity and gas distribution grid, Territoire d’Energie Mayenne performs electrification works (curtailment, extension and the strengthening and securing of infrastructure, in rural zones particularly) that are essential to ensuring energy coverage and quality.
In accordance with its statutes, Territoire d’Energie Mayenne also exercises optional powers, on behalf of municipalities, relating to public lighting, the installation of photovoltaic panels, electronic communications infrastructure, GIS, group energy purchasing, recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, etc.

Today, the syndicate is firmly focused on energy transition which has become its core activity. It is now organized to: support the installation of photovoltaic panels by promoting the on-site use of the electricity produced; promote the creation of methanation facilities through financial participation in projects; advise communities on the energy savings they can make at premises that they own, such as sports and cultural facilities.