Published the 20/11/2023

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  • Thirty-three trusted partners from across the entire Hydrogen Mobility value chain
  • Ten new functionalities to facilitate matchmaking between buyers and sellers
  • A Services category in addition to that for Equipment
  • Information on the maturity of the listed solutions (available/coming soon) 
  • Two first Group Buy Offers from partners Stellantis and GCK Mobility


Nantes (France), 20 November 2023, 7.30 am – a year after its launch, Lhyfe Heroes is taking part in the Solutrans Transport and Logistics trade show where it will present a new version of its digital platform that facilitates the transition to hydrogen for mobility players. It continues to innovate with the creation of a “Group Buy” service, which allows local players within Hydrogen Ecosystems to pool their orders to take advantage of economies of scale. The first offers have been launched by Stellantis and GCK Mobility (a subsidiary of GCK) and are already available in the French regions of Pays de la Loire, Occitanie and Ile-de-France.

Above: The new version of the Lhyfe Heroes online platform


Lhyfe Heroes: A digital platform featuring more and more partners to support businesses and local authorities wishing to switch to hydrogen

As a pure player in the production and delivery of green and renewable hydrogen, Lhyfe has in-depth knowledge of all the building blocks necessary for the creation of a complete value chain in renewable hydrogen. While hydrogen production is essential, other players are just as key, such as the fuel distributors that open filling stations, fuel delivery specialists, hydrogen vehicle manufacturers, power generator manufacturers, research and consulting bodies, etc. Lhyfe Heroes brings together all of these players, in order to make all the necessary information available to those wishing to switch to hydrogen, thus facilitating the emergence of a true hydrogen ecosystem. Features include a simulator allowing you to assess your needs and the kilos of CO2 avoided, a catalogue listing hydrogen players, an “Ecosystems” feature which allows you to identify hydrogen pioneers near you for launching joint initiatives and, the latest addition, a “Group Buy” service.


A year after its launch, Lhyfe Heroes features more than 30 businesses from across the entire value chain, including vehicle manufacturers like Stellantis and GCK Mobility, hydrogen station builders like PRF and HRS, power generator producers like Powidian, engineering and consulting firms like Synops Conseil, and providers of digital solutions specific to hydrogen like Point Twelve.

These partners, whose solutions feature in the Equipment and Services catalogue, agree to ensure that the information concerning them is reliable and up to date.

In addition to Equipment, this autumn Lhyfe Heroes added a Services category, providing the building bricks necessary for implementing a hydrogen project from scratch, including consulting services, project management, digital solutions, and tailor-made support for hydrogen refits and storage.

To bring users the most accurate and up-to-date information possible in this newly emerging hydrogen industry, Lhyfe Heroes has decided to divide its catalogue into two parts: 

  • Equipment and services that are ready and available for sale now, and whose information has been approved by the Lhyfe Heroes partners themselves. There are about 60 such listings on the portal;
  • Other equipment and services (around a hundred listings) including:
    • Offers from Lhyfe Heroes partners that are due to come on the market in the coming months and years,
    • Other products and services that Lhyfe Heroes have identified through market intelligence.

Differentiating available offers from those coming soon means that users continue to have good visibility on the development of the sector, but can also build a concrete ecosystem in the very short term.


Increasingly advanced and comprehensive functionalities, and a new “Group Buy Offer”

Customers can now talk directly to vendors thanks to a live chat facility, designed to accelerate buyer-seller connections. For the same purpose of facilitating processes, they can now also request quotes online where hydrogen is concerned.

Vendor partners have access to a portal allowing them to publish and modify product information and manage their presence on the platform themselves. The online chat facility means that they can reply immediately and directly to interested customers.

Since the launch of the Hydrogen Ecosystems management feature, last April, Lhyfe Heroes has already set up several online user areas on the platform for real regional ecosystems in France and Germany. This autumn it became possible for vendor partners to promote their products and services to these ecosystems via the platform.


To take the local synergies logic a step further, Lhyfe Heroes is today announcing the launch of a Group Buy Offer, applicable within its Ecosystems.

Lhyfe has been working since it was launched on deploying a new energy model capable of

avoiding the ecological divide, with semi-centralised production sites giving local operators of all sizes access to the cleanest possible hydrogen at the best possible cost, in their local area.

Lhyfe Heroes will now contribute on the “Hydrogen Equipments” part, so that several local players can group together to take advantage of discounts on available vehicles, thanks to the economies of scale generated by the volume of orders.

The retrofit specialist GCK Mobility and the worldwide automotive manufacturer and innovative mobility solutions provider Stellantis are launching the Group Buy offer in France – As of now, businesses and local authorities within one of the platform’s hydrogen ecosystems can place orders for a selection of four vehicles for GCK Mobility (buses, dumper truck and waste collection trucks) and three vehicles for Stellantis (light utility vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot). Based on the volume of orders reached, buyers will be eligible for discounts on the vehicle unit price.

To take advantage of the offer, two conditions apply: buyers must be geographically located within one of the Heroes Ecosystems, and must sign up to the platform.

With the support of partner manufacturers, Lhyfe Heroes plans to continue fostering a  synergies-based approach and democratising access to new hydrogen technology. 


More and More Information and Education

Finally, in the platform’s information section, alongside the simulator, Heroes has added a hydrogen stations map listing all stations in operation or coming soon. The Heroes team has also published a hundred or so articles and supplier interviews to help users understand the hydrogen market and technology, and to explain the offering, expertise and vision of players in this fast-growing industry.

Matthieu Guesné, Founder and CEO of Lhyfe: “Every day, our Lhyfe Heroes team is fully focused on one mission: helping hydrogen projects see the light of day. With more than 15,000 visits a month from visitors in France, Germany and the UK, we were able to see how certain information and functionalities were lacking for hydrogen pioneers, and how necessary it is to have good coordination between all players in the value chain to meet customer expectations. Thanks to our users’ feedback, we are delighted to propose an improved version of our platform, and to contribute to the deployment of the sector through an increasingly qualitative service!” 

Philippe Jacques, Managing Director at GCK Mobility: “We have believed in the relevance of the Lhyfe Heroes portal since its launch, which is why we were among its first trusted partners. Today we reiterate our commitment to helping to develop hydrogen mobility in innovative ways, like the Lhyfe Heroes Group Buy Offer.”  

Stéphane Majka, Head of Hydrogen Business Development at Stellantis: “We are very active in helping to develop the entire renewable hydrogen chain and initiatives like that of Lhyfe Heroes are a step in the right direction, democratising, explaining and providing information on our vehicles as well as on distribution and production sites because we need to all be aligned to make hydrogen a real lever of decarbonisation.”


About Lhyfe Heroes

Launched in November 2022 by the green and renewable hydrogen producer and supplier Lhyfe, Lhyfe Heroes is the first digital platform developed to facilitate mobility players’ transition to hydrogen. The platform is aimed at all hydrogen pioneers, be they project initiators looking at hydrogen solutions or who already have hydrogen projects underway and seek equipment, or “trusted vendors” wishing to offer mature, market-ready solutions.

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About Lhyfe

Lhyfe is a European group devoted to energy transition, and a producer and supplier of green and renewable hydrogen. Its production sites and portfolio of projects intend to provide access to green and renewable hydrogen in industrial quantities, and enable the creation of a virtuous energy model capable of decarbonising entire sectors of industry and transport.

In 2021, Lhyfe inaugurated the first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant in the world to be interconnected with a wind farm. In 2022, Lhyfe inaugurated the first offshore green hydrogen production pilot platform in the world. Lhyfe currently has seven sites under construction or expansion throughout Europe.

Lhyfe is represented in 12 European countries and had 192 staff at the end of June 2023. The company is listed on the Euronext market in Paris (ISIN: FR0014009YQ1 – LHYFE).

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