Published the 23/09/2021

Centre R&D Lhyfe

We refer to hydrogen in the singular but it would almost be better to talk about hydrogenS. Because how clean hydrogen is depends a great deal on how it is produced, as the techniques for producing this molecule vary widely, as does the type of electricity used.

Although driving a hydrogen vehicle gives off zero CO2, we must not forget to consider how the hydrogen in the tank is made!

Hydrogen categories are now more precisely defined by law. This infographic will help you to understand them better.

Like for electricity, it is possible to merely purchase a Guarantee of Origin separately from the hydrogen produced (e.g. you can buy a guarantee of origin for green electrons produced in Denmark six months ago). That is why Lhyfe offers ecological hydrogen which, by being directly connected to a local renewable energy source, ensures the production of hydrogen that is completely environmentally friendly.