Published the 27/07/2022

licorne verte et entreprise pionnière de l'hydrogène - green unicorn and pioneering company in hydrogen

Lhyfe is a pioneering company in hydrogen. We want to become a green unicorn with a different business model. When some seek to be valued at a billion dollars and to get the coveted title of “unicorn”, our ambition is different: to avoid the release of 1 billion tons of CO2. And instead, become a unicorn that benefits everyone. A green unicorn.

How can other business models be promoted?

The term “unicorn” is used to identify how successful a start-up has been. It goes to companies when they’re valued at over $1 billion.

It is a form of success that can only be judged through the monetary prism. It says nothing about the environmental cost, its ecological or societal impact, its philosophy, its well-being at work, or even its economic sustainability.

At Lhyfe, we are convinced that it is necessary to measure and otherwise value the success of companies and to take into account non-financial elements.

Our ambition: to reach the billion… tons of CO2 saved

We are committed to having a positive impact on our environment. It means moving fast and hard but with a different purpose. We don’t want to be worth a billion dollars, which will benefit a few but avoid a billion tons of CO2, which will benefit everyone.

Today, 50 billion tons of CO2 are emitted every year around the world. The Paris Agreement set a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050… the slope is steep.

One of the solutions to accelerate the paradigm shift and move away from a fossil fuel-based model is renewable hydrogen. It allows the mobility and industry sectors to engage in a real decarbonization strategy.

Lhyfe, a pioneering company in hydrogen, and a green unicorn

This is Lhyfe’s goal: as a pioneering company in hydrogen, to become a green unicorn.

What if the 300 unicorns in the world today were green unicorns? What if every one of them avoided the emission of a billion tons of CO2? The goal of the Paris Agreement would be far exceeded!

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