Published the 16/08/2022

wind turbine

Hydrogen, a renewable energy? A lot of people talk about it. We produce it. Every day, 300 kg of hydrogen is delivered by our main production site, located in Vendée, to power vehicles (buses, trucks, forklifts, etc.) and industries in the region.

Renewable hydrogen, a reality at Lhyfe since 2021

In recent months, we have seen a lot of announcements on hydrogen: plans for the future, financing projects, etc. These announcements sometimes come from actors who produce polluting hydrogen from fossil fuels. And on a very large scale…

Unfortunately, some clean hydrogen production projects are still a long way off. And we know it is urgent to act now.

At Lhyfe, our first production site has been operational since September 2021. The site has the particularity of being connected directly to the wind turbines of Vendée Energie. They are located a few hundred meters away, thus ensuring truly renewable hydrogen.

We even call it ecological hydrogen. The factory supplies the first customers of Lhyfe located nearby. This upgradeable plant now produces 300kg of hydrogen per day. It will be able to increase its production by up to 1 tonne per day to meet the expected growing needs in the industrial and mobility sectors.

Hydrogen, a renewable energy that enables the energy transition

This renewable hydrogen fuels local economic actors invested in the ecological transition. The first kilograms of hydrogen will be used to power:

Each of these actors has a plan to increase hydrogen use and strong ambitions to reduce their carbon emissions. We strive to work with them to build it.

Renewable hydrogen is already available: it is produced by Lhyfe and used by our customers.

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