Published the 13/03/2024

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Green hydrogen is a key player in achieving net zero

With the climate emergency at our doorstep and high energy bills squeezing households and businesses, the need to end our reliance on fossil fuels has never been more urgent. It’s time to cultivate a strong and balanced energy supply mix that frees us from the uncertainties of volatile gas prices.

Green hydrogen, a form of clean energy that only emits water and oxygen, offers a significant solution to the problems we face by helping reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy security. It is recognised as a key element of the UK and North East’s efforts to reach net zero.


Lhyfe’s vision for the North East (UK)

At Lhyfe, a global green and renewable hydrogen producer and supplier, we believe the North East has extraordinary potential to lead the green industrial revolution, given its long history of technical and engineering innovation.

We design, develop, and operate green and renewable hydrogen production plants, helping businesses and organisations, including those in the mobility and industry sectors, in decarbonising by shifting from natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Green hydrogen is a type of hydrogen that emits no CO2 during its production or when used. Green hydrogen is produced using entirely renewable energy sources like wind or solar power, unlike other types of hydrogen such as grey or blue, which are typically produced from fossil fuels. Green hydrogen is considered essential to help meet global energy demand while contributing to climate change goals.

Versatility of green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a versatile and eco-friendly fuel, providing an alternative to carbon-intensive processes in various industries and everyday life.

Its applications range from reducing carbon emissions in sectors like steel, chemical, glass, cement, and paper production to serving as a clean energy source for buses, cars, haulage, aviation, maritime transport, and both domestic and industrial heating.

Strategic location: Why Newcastle is the ideal headquarters for Lhyfe?

Strategic location: Why Newcastle is the ideal headquarters for Lhyfe?

We chose Newcastle as our UK headquarters because of its exceptional potential, strong ties to renewables, and the world-leading hydrogen research already underway. The North East’s deep-sea ports mean we can be leaders in using green hydrogen for maritime purposes. We also have a strong skills foundation from the oil and gas industry, which can easily shift toward green hydrogen.

Furthermore, our proximity to leading universities provides access to extensive research and development capabilities, ensuring our continued innovation and growth.


Exciting clean energy milestones and opportunities

This is an incredibly exciting moment in the North East’s transition to net zero. The UK’s commitment to doubling its low-carbon hydrogen production target from 5 GW to 10 GW by 2030, presents a great opportunity for the region. Notably, ongoing hydrogen home heating trials, such as those by HyDeploy in Winlaton and Northern Gas Networks at Low Thornley underscore a proactive drive towards tangible progress and innovation in sustainable energy solutions.

Local engagement and partnership

Since starting our operations in Newcastle, UK in 2022, we’ve been in touch with businesses, local authorities, universities, and other interested parties. We’ve also worked closely with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s hydrogen steering group to speed up the rollout of green hydrogen across the region. Now, we’re making a substantial investment to establish our first UK production plant right here in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

Investing in Lhyfe Wallsend

Lhyfe Wallsend will be developed with partners to deliver significant local value. The proposed site, with its historical connection to the pioneering Neptune Bank Power Station, represents a legacy of innovation in power distribution. Drawing on our extensive experience in Europe, we understand the pivotal role our presence plays in stimulating local economic growth. By establishing ourselves in the community, we aim to stimulate economic activity through increased business opportunities and investments. Our presence intends to attract further development, contributing to the long-term prosperity of the region.

Green technology supercharging local prosperity

This underlines the significant economic potential for the North East from the energy transition. Working together we can create more jobs and develop new markets based on clean technology, supercharging the UK’s climate protection and energy security goals.

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