Green hydrogen revolutionizes mobility with clean and sustainable energy, emitting zero CO2 during operation.

Offering longer ranges and faster refuelling times than battery-electric vehicles, renewable hydrogen represents a vital step towards a greener future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

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Our hydrogen delivery solution

Bulk delivery

Bulk delivery

We deliver renewable hydrogen that is compliant with mobility standards, compressed up to 380 bars, in dedicated containers directly to your site.

With a capacity of up to 1 ton, our deliveries provide convenience, contribute to lower CO2 emissions, and generate a reduced environmental footprint.

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Prepare your switch to hydrogen now with Lhyfe Heroes!

We have created a platform to help you assess the benefits of switching to hydrogen using the technology and products available today, where you can:

Estimate avoidable CO2 emissions

Estimate the CO2 emissions avoided by converting your vehicle fleet to green renewable hydrogen.

Find hydrogen products and services

Browse our catalogue (vehicles, stations, services) to find the suppliers for initiating your project.

Contact products and services sellers

Contact the right partners and providers to make your project happen for real!


We support you in the transition to green and renewable hydrogen

Project definition

Technical feasibility study

Help to integrate hydrogen into your industrial process

Assistance in identifying funding and grants



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The French National Road Haulage Federation (FNTR) anticipates the major changes to come in this sector. Among the many challenges to overcome is the energy transition to reduce the transportation carbon footprint.

Business case

Lidl opens the first hydrogen logistics platform

Since the end of 2021, Lhyfe has been delivering 75 kg of renewable and green hydrogen per day to the Lidl of Carquefou (Loire Atlantique) logistics platform.

Press release

A strategic partnership for GAUSSIN and Lhyfe

GAUSSIN and Lhyfe form a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the development of hydrogen mobility at port, airport and logistics sites.

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